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April 9, 2012

Week of April 9

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This week begins our testing. Please make sure that your child is getting plenty of rest, eating a good breakfast, and is ready for testing.    Also it is very important that your child be present during the weeks of April 9 thru April 20.

I hope everyone has a good week!!

Ms. Mobley

April 6, 2012

Earthquake Guest Speaker

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Yesterday, Mr. Steve Jones taught the class about Earthquakes.  We got to see a model seismograph as well as pictures of Mr. Jones’ own seismograph!!!

If you want to learn more about Mr. Jones and keep up with Alabama Earthquake Information, here is Mr. Jones’ website.


March 22, 2012

Meteorolgy Project

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Today, we are beginning our two day weather forecast project. In class, the students will create a 7-Day Forecast and two weather maps. In addition, they will write a script for a weather forecast covering various weather terms. Below I have attached a hand-out that explains the project.

Don’t forget that Spring Break begins on Monday! I hope everyone has a safe and fun break!


Meteorology Project

February 14, 2012

Introduction Letter

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Below is a copy of the letter sent home with all of my students.

Ms. Mobley’s Science Class

Dear Parents:

My name is Jennifer Mobley and I will be your child’s science teacher while Mrs. McQueen is taking a leave to take care of her family. I graduated from the University of North Alabama with a degree in Elementary Education. I am a member of the National Science Teachers Association and love science. I look forward to sharing my science knowledge with the students.

In the next few weeks, we will be finishing the unit on oceans and the Earth’s biomes. Afterwards, we will be exploring catastrophic events. This will encompass the following content: weather patterns, earthquakes, volcanoes, and other aspects of weather. During this unit, we will be utilizing AMSTI and other hands on learning techniques.

I have the same expectations as Mrs. McQueen such as the science notebook that will be used to record experiments, activities, and notes in class. In-class work, experiments, labs, and test will be weighted equally during the grading process.

Feel free to contact me with questions and concerns at [email protected]. In the coming days, my blog will be available on the Whitesburg Middle School website. On the blog, I will be posting assignments and classroom announcements so that you can be aware of classroom activities.

I have enjoyed getting to know your students these past weeks and I am excited to continue exploring the science world with your children!

Sincerely yours,

Ms. Mobley

January 27, 2012


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Welcome to Ms. Mobley’s blog! I will be posting assignments, class activities, and other updates here. If you need to contact me,  my email is [email protected] .



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